How we cleaned up a website in terms of content

… and increased the number of leads by 274%.

Join us. We’ll tell you about it.


Δ Organic traffic*


Δ Leads*

55 %

Δ Keywords in Google’s Top 10**


Δ URLs indexed

  • *first 5 months of 2024 vs. previous 5 months
  • ** Week before impact vs. last week of May

Let’s break it down.


  • Energy efficiency and sustainability consultancy. Specialised in 2 similar sectors.
  • B2B
  • Markets: The UK, Germany and Switzerland
  • Objective with the website: To capture leads from companies interested in improving their energy efficiency in the target countries.

✅ Background

  • Business was growing, but slowly. At the pace of leads and web traffic.
  • The marketing agency was creating a lot of non-SEO content and the performance was not as expected.
  • They decide to dispense with the agency and hire a marketing manager.
  • Trust SEOSEMPERE as an international SEO agency.

✅ Optimisation (Phase 1: content curation)

  1. After an SEO and content audit, without forgetting an initial Keyword Research and taking into account the 3 countries, we propose (mainly):
    • Eliminate all tag pages
    • Eliminate all articles that are not aligned with the core of the company
    • Remove all articles with very poor performance
    • Re-use removed content to optimise articles that remain
    • Optimise pagination
    • Improve internal linking of poorly performing articles that did not receive sufficient link juice (last chance)
    • Improve internal linking lost from removed content
    • Optimise blog categorisation and pagination

We are talking about removing not only junk content, but entire articles, some with some visibility but that didn’t make much sense for the whole.

  1. Redirects are proposed and implemented on all removed pages that comply with the following:
    • They have backlinks
    • Have clicks for relevant queries in the last 3 months
    • Have keywords with minimal visibility
  1. And the final link juice distribution is reviewed to adjust the internal linking a little.

✅ Optimisation (Phase 2: redesign of the content architecture of the core section of the website)

  • In progress

✅ Optimisation (Phase 3: on-page EEAT)

  • Coming soon

And so… that’s where we are:

📈 Current performance

  • 🏆 We achieved an exponential improvement in qualified traffic despite having 38% fewer total pages.
  • 🏆 Leads (form) increase significantly as Google starts to understand and appreciate the situation.
The effect of content curation can be observed in 2 phases.
seo conversions

✅ Next challenge (medium term): Australia.

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