Many renewable energy projects, like yours, seek international success on Google

But most don’t find the way and fail to meet their goals. Others, which I know very well, do succeed, of course. It’s my specialty!

Achieve online visibility in different countries through your website and SEO and turn it into revenue.

Juan Álvarez Sempere International SEO Cnsultanto

Does this sound familiar to you?

You want to be visible on Google when people search for what you offer…

but you’re not ranking. (For now, you don’t exist)

Do your competitors appear at the top of search engines while you struggle to get noticed? Maybe they’ve already found the web positioning (SEO) specialist for renewables to guide them.

Good for them!

You see…

Juan Álvarez Sempere. Charla SEO internacional

The international expansion of a project linked to renewables is not easy. Nor is global search engine marketing.

However, not everyone knows that well-studied and applied SEO can lead a global project to sustainable success.

And many internationalisations fail.

Whether due to a lack of strategy, or because it is wrong, not personalised, or not correctly applied. Resources, willingness, conflicting marketing actions…

Sometimes it’s due to ignorance, it happens.

You translate content into a language and hope for sales.

It might just work.

And when the results don’t follow, of course. No one in that country has heard of you.

The sun that drives your international search engine strategy

Enter me, Juan Álvarez.

Some say I’m an expert in web positioning, I prefer to say “specialist”.

For others, I provide SEO services so their multilingual projects sell on Google.

For my clients, I’m the one who makes their websites generate business.

As a freelance international SEO consultant with a focus on renewables, I optimise websites like yours to appear when your audience searches for what you offer. And to rank in the right country.

Making visitors happy… and getting them to contact you, buy, hire…

Make them pull out their American Express Platinum and splurge on your products/services.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already operating globally or want to start expanding to other countries.

My mission is to be like the sun that drives companies like yours towards their visibility and sales goals.

The sun thing sounds cheesy, but when the results come, you forget and want more.

Jessica da Silveira

Global Business Digital Project Manager at Hitachi Cooling & Heating

I collaborated with Juan for three years on SEO international projects. He was always professional and easy to work with, offering ways to improve and help us get better results. Juan made working with him a smooth collaboration in which there was always space for dialogue and even share a few laughs.

He’s a great professional and I highly recommend his services.

Agnieszka Szrubkowska

Managing Director at Web Behaviour Specialists

Juan has a wide knowledge and experience across all digital marketing channels. During 2,5 years working together, he always impressed us and clients with great SEO results.

When working on paid campaigns, he was always improving results, month on month. … And I really miss his sense of humour!

+ 12

Years in marketing

+ 7

Years with global projects

+ 30


+ 20


No matter the stage of your project, if we like each other, something big awaits us.

At this point, you might be wondering:

Why a freelance web positioning specialist and not an agency?

I’ll tell you straight.

An independent consultant like me, doesn’t have all the most expensive tools on the market. They’re not necessary. And let me tell you more:

They don’t work with Nasdaq companies and can’t boast about it. (Although I have done so through large agencies)

Another fact.


Few Selected Projects

As a freelance consultant, I don’t work with just anyone. I choose only a few projects to which I dedicate all my expertise, personalised attention…

The fewer you embrace, the tighter you squeeze. And I add that you squeeze how and where it needs to be squeezed.


Even with extensive experience in various sectors, I specialise in renewables.

I can more easily understand what your company or project needs.

And if it happens that I have a slot for you…

It’s as clear as day!

A Cog in the Machine

Being independent gives me the flexibility to adapt to each project.

I can be an external consultant or maybe a well-oiled and synchronised cog in your marketing and business machinery.

You choose.

But you should know that…

We’re going to make changes

We’ll do it together, but I need trust.

Before working, audit

The prior SEO audit is essential to avoid shooting in the dark.

I also know how to say no

If we don’t fit, we won’t waste time.

The dreaded budget

I offer International SEO services, but not at a low cost, they don’t work.

Having reached this point…

What can my SEO consultancy services do to help you sell more?

SEO should be a process of strategic optimisation, tailored for each project, country, language, market…

The aim is to understand and analyse in detail the health of your project from an international SEO perspective, and design a personalised strategy to reach as far as we’re allowed.

However, telling you what your project needs right now would be speaking prematurely. Generally, these are the areas/solutions we work on:

SEO Audit

I analyse your website thoroughly to uncover its potential. I identify areas for improvement to ensure that your international online presence translates into tangible results for your business.

SEO Mentorship

I personally guide you through the world of SEO. With my practical advice, you’ll understand how web positioning can enhance every area of your business.

Onpage SEO

I work on optimising each page of your site, focusing on technical and content details that ensure your website meets the expectations of your audience and algorithms.

Web Architecture

I’m aware of the importance of a solid web structure. It’s the soul of a website. I work with you to design or improve your architecture, ensuring an excellent user experience and effective indexing.

Content Strategy

The right content is the cornerstone of connecting with your audience. I design strategies that capture and convert, generating real value for your stakeholders.

SEO Strategy

I offer you a clear plan, based on measurable objectives, to ensure that your website climbs the ranks in search results, reaching your goals.

Keyword Research

I delve into term research to ensure that your content and services are visible for the most relevant searches to your business.


I increase your site’s authority through high-quality links. Solid and strategic connections to strengthen your online reputation.

Competitor Analysis

I help you to understand your competitors in depth. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses, we design a strategy together to stand out in the market.

Local SEO for International Markets

Whether you operate in Madrid or Paris, I adjust your SEO to be relevant and effective in each target local market across different countries.

These brands already know me, some quite well

Boost Your Global Reach with Expert International SEO Consultancy

Starting from 1050€ /month

What more do you need to know about international SEO consultancy?

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant (or should) makes you earn more money from your business through your website. They help you achieve your marketing goals.

An SEO consultant is a professional specializing in understanding and applying search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Their work includes website analysis, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to maximize a site’s visibility in search engines.

An SEO consultant also advises clients on best SEO practices, conducts keyword research, develops content strategies, and monitors a website’s performance over time.

What does an SEO specialist do?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist is similar to an SEO consultant. This professional is dedicated to improving a website’s visibility in search engine results like Google. They perform technical analyses, keyword research, content optimization, link building, and other SEO tactics to improve a website’s ranking.

Additionally, they stay updated with the latest algorithms and trends in SEO.

How much is SEO consultancy worth?

The cost of SEO consultancy can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the website, the industry it operates in, keyword competition, and the experience and reputation of the SEO consultant.

It could range from a few hundred to several thousand euros per month. It’s important to discuss details and expectations beforehand to get an accurate estimate.

What companies use SEO?

Companies of all industries and sizes use SEO. This includes small businesses and startups, as well as multinational corporations.

SEO optimization is essential for any company that wants to improve its online visibility, attract more traffic to its website, and increase conversions and sales.

What is a freelance SEO?

A freelance SEO is an independent SEO consultant who works on their own rather than being employed by an agency or company. Freelance SEOs offer their services to multiple clients and may specialize in certain sectors or SEO techniques.

Like any SEO consultant, their goal is to improve a website’s visibility in search engine results.

How does international SEO work?

International SEO refers to optimizing your website for search engines in multiple countries and/or languages (multisite and/or multilingual).

This may involve implementing hreflang tags to indicate the language and geography of each page, creating localized content, obtaining links from relevant sites in each region, and optimizing for multilingual searches.

Additionally, cultural and legal differences in each country must be considered when implementing an international SEO strategy.

Why is international SEO important?

International SEO is important because it allows businesses to reach audiences in different countries and in different languages. By optimizing their site for international searches, a company can increase its visibility, attract more quality traffic, and improve its conversion opportunities in new markets.

Moreover, international SEO can be crucial for businesses operating in multiple countries, as it helps ensure that the correct content is shown to the right users.