I make international strategy and SEO meet (and like) each other

Turning your project into a lovely online revenue machine

We are in “about me” and I have to talk a bit about my stuff, and you probably want to know who is this marketer who says (and they say) he can boost a business on Google.

Let’s see…

My clients arrive having achieved success… despite having their website full of cobwebs

Their proposition is so convincing that their customers pull out their credit card (if they happen to land on their website)

But online growth soon hits a ceiling with a website made without the love of an SEO, and..

…they start to feel the weight of not even appearing in Google in their home market.

Selling online internationally is tricky, I don’t blame them.

And watching their competitors appear on search engines and sell like pi*#…
… while the few that get to your website get confused and leave without leaving their contact details. Ugh!

Let’s work to get your website to the top of the search engines, where your business objectives can be achieved

Hi, I’m Juan Álvarez

  • Proud native of a small town in Alicante with famous fiestas.
  • I live in the countryside with my family surrounded by olive trees.
  • I have my office there.
  • I enrolled in bussines degree at the age of 29 and passed course by year, with good grades and working on a full time job.
  • I was always a “jack-of-all-trades…” but now it is called “multipotential”.
  • It looks better and it shines more.
  • I have several niche sites that make me a nice bonus

My story,

is, shall we say… eclectic.

After putting away my childhood toys, I ventured for years in small businesses, in different jobs, absorbed knowledge from all over and stumbled upon marketing and SEO.

Since then, I’ve been that digital warrior behind brands, some multinational, some more modest.

First with Paid Search and SEO, later with just SEO.

Under an agency or now on my own as an International SEO Consultant.

The end is the same: to increase sales and profit and ensure smiles along the way.

Imagine tasting a 3-chocolate ice cream at 40º. That’s how I feel when I see my clients thriving because of my work.

Values that guide my work

Integrity and honesty

No surprises! I like to be transparent and straightforward about everything, whether it’s timing, investments or what you can really expect.

Continuous improvement

SEO is a long-distance and obstacle course, but along the way we learn and improve. If we have to iterate, we do it.

Pragmatic approach

I spend time on what really gets us closer to our goals, not on dreamy presentations or reports full of chaff.

Thinking about working with me?

Find out if we’re on the same page.

My services are close to what you are looking for if:

  • You lead the marketing of a project, but you find it a challenge to find a place for SEO and fit it into the international strategy, or..
  • You have plenty of brilliant ideas, but when it comes to optimising your Google presence you look like a teenager with a VHS tape, or..
  • You know what to do, but… let someone else do it, or..
  • Your brand is scaling and you need a guide to shine in international search results.

And your project will fit with me if:

  • It already has a certain size.
  • It has a decent marketing budget.
  • It’s in the mood to rock and roll.

Not ready to sell online yet?

Here is my SEO-centric (video)podcast about marketing and more

I understand business, marketing and SEO like a perfect team. And this is embodied in a (video)podcast where I talk about how these 3 elements interact and can enhance each other. (Spanish for now, sorry)