SEO Success Story: International Renewable Energy Company

Discover how we achieved first place on Google

…and increased leads by 146%

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SEO Success Story: International Renewable Energy Company

Δ Organic traffic*


Δ Leads*

196 %

Δ Keywords in Google’s Top 5*


Δ Organic traffic for best keyword*

  • *Last 28 days vs 28 days before starting to implement improvements.
  • Only one URL!
  • Non-seasonal service.

Let’s take it one step at a time.

Strategic SEO Optimisation

  • B2B/B2C company linked to renewable energy.
  • Manufacturing and distribution services model.
  • They sell in several markets, but are only established in one.

✅ Background

  • In June 2023, the project experiences a drop in leads in the service they are most interested in selling.
  • We initiated our work on the project. The initial goal was to reverse the leads situation.
  • We see that the average position of the transactional keywords had dropped.
    • Competitors were doing better.
    • There were changes in the search results.
caso exito seo, tendencia tráfico palabras clave transaccionales
In June 2023, CTR, traffic and conversions for transactional keywords for this URL are down

The brand wanted to work multiple markets. We propose:

  • Go country by country.
  • Strategically focus on the most interesting vertical
  • …with a special focus on the most profitable service.

Don´t spread yourself too thin.

✅ Optimisation (Phase 1: on-page)

  • After a Keyword Research, we proposed:
    • New headline structure for a new content.
    • New SEO Title and meta-description.
  • In the proposal, we tried to combine SEO and copywriting focused on sales.

Working on “the copy” may reduce SEO performance but it will improve conversions, which is what we all were looking for.

  • We tried to work on all closely-related sub-topics to search intent in a way that is consistent with a more transactional phase of the funnel.
  • We proposed:
    • Head and long tail terms to be included in the content…
    • …as well as competitor entities…
    • … and other semantically related terms.

  • Once the content was received, we reviewed and optimised it.
  • In early December 2023 the content was uploaded (Milestone “1” in the image below)

A few days later, the main keyword went from ∼#5 to Top 3 on Google.

This is not the end of it.

✅ Optimisation (Phase 2: on-site)

  • We proposed related content to try to be a “topical authority” in the eyes of Google. We tried to get them indexed soon.

Much better to rank a part of a whole, than a part “in no man’s land”

Juan Álvarez Sempere
  • The purely informational content linked to the target query was worked on in separate pages.
  • They were being published and indexed from mid-October onwards.
  • Got a couple of backlinks to the new content, one from a specialised media.
  • We worked on internal linking, to take advantage of the backlinks and the new content.
  • This was completed at milestone “2” in the image below.

By the end of December, the main target keyword reached the Top 1.

caso de éxito SEO: posición #1 para la keyword principal.
…and the target keyword reached the top position in Google.

Wait for it. They wanted more. We all wanted more.

✅ Optimisation (Phase 3: off-page)

  • Postponed. We proposed to postpone linkbuilding to dedicate resources to another goal, as the results were already good.

And that’s where we are:

📈 Current performance

  • The main keyword, still ranks Top 1 in organic Google after 4 months (Image below)
  • The rest of the target keywords are in Top 3 (Image below)
  • For each of them, an improvement in performance was observed, as a result of a better average position compared to the 28 days prior to the start of the work (Image below)
caso exito seo, mejora posición media todas las palabras tranaccionales
Improved average position for all transactional words, almost all of which are close to the top position in Google.

  • Leads increased by 146% in the same period. (Image below)
Caso de exito SEO: mejora de conversiones
There is no point in positioning if you don’t sell more.

✅ Next challenge: repeat in France, where we are on the 2nd page.

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